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Shoulder and Back Full Support Belt


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Shoulder and Back Full Support Belt support shirt Straight back shirt, Posture corrector ,ergonomic straps, solves hunchback problems, pulling the scapula, back support devices to help prevent injuries. Office Syndrome helps to reduce back pain, shoulder, neck and neck. Size adjustable. Shoulder support belt. Back support shirt, straight back shirt, ergonomic strap, solve humpback problems, pull the scapula, reduce back pain, shoulder, neck

If you have these problems

Shoulder and Back pain due to heavy use
Pain in the back, shoulders and neck from prolonged sitting
Office Syndrome
The shoulder muscles are tightened, the fascia comes from the wrong physique.
Shoulder and Back Full Support Belt, 100% authentic

Helps to solve problems of hunching, pulling the scapula, adjusting posture and physique, helping to reduce pain in the back, shoulders, neck, effectively.
Ergonomic straps Can help solve humpback problems Treatment of back pain, shoulders, neck, fascia from physically incompletely.
Helps adjust the body to correct the shoulder, wrap the back block, enhance personality. Seeing results in the long run is not a short-term solution.
Premium grade materials Absorb sweat quickly. To not feel uncomfortable Can wear before wearing Convenient to use in daily life Can adjust the size and firmness as needed
Specifically for shoulder support belts For convenience in carrying and storage